Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account?
For IFB Members: On November 1st, 2021, you were sent a registration email with the subject line: 'Register now for IFB CE Central'. If you joined IFB after November 1st, you would have received the email once your application was processed. Follow the link in your registration email to set up a password and log in. 

For Non-IFB Members: Once you purchase your first course, you will receive an email to register and create an account. Follow the link in your registration email to set up a password and log in. Your course will be available on your account dashboard. 

How do I complete a course?
Make sure you are logged into your CE Central account. From the Course Listing page, select and pay for the course you wish to complete. The course will then appear on your dashboard. You will need to watch the full video and complete a short quiz to receive your CE credit. You will receive an email notifying you once you have successfully passed a course. 

Once I start a course, do I have to complete it in one sitting?
No, you will have access to a course for up to 6 months after purchasing it. You can complete courses at your own pace. Once you start a course, you can come back to where you left off at any time.

What score do I need to pass the quiz?
You need a score of 60% to receive a CE Credit. If you do not pass on your first try, you can retake the quiz.

Why won't it let me take the quiz?
The quiz will only be available once you have watched the entire video. If you’ve watched the full video and still do not have access, make sure the web browser you are using has Cookies enabled. The platform uses cookies to verify that you watched the video, so make sure you have your browser set to accept cookies when you are taking courses on CE Central.

How do I access my certificate?
Once you have successfully completed a course quiz, you will receive an email with a link to access your certificate. Depending on network traffic, It can take a few hours for your certificate to appear. You can also find them by clicking the green “View my Certifications” button at the bottom of your dashboard. Your certificate will open up in a new window, click download in the top left corner to save your certificate to your records. 

I took the quiz and passed, but I never received my certificate. What do I do?
If you do not receive a confirmation email after passing a quiz, you may not have Cookies enabled. To enable Cookies, go to privacy and security in your web browser's settings and select ‘Allow Cookies.’ If you have Cookies enabled and still did not receive a confirmation email, please contact us at  

How can I find specific accreditation types or all courses on a particular topic?
You can use the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the course listing page to filter by the types of credits you are looking for or courses that all relate to a particular topic.

I purchased a course and no longer want to take it. Can I get a refund?
CE Central courses are non-refundable.

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